Farooq Sheikh and Youth

Farooq Sheikh’s last film, Youngistaan, releases this Friday. Appropriately for a man who always embraced youth, the title itself lays claim to the younger generation. Even in his older character roles of recent years, Sheikh spoke to the struggles of the young, the spirit of play and joy. Sheikh has always been at his best… View Article

Somewhere and Nowhere: Hotels on Film

Hotels are a natural location for a film, they offer the opportunity to throw together a variety of people for a limited amount of time in an artificially beautiful background. Heck, the same thing could be said of working on a film, only working on a movie there is a much more artificial background and… View Article

The First, First-Women of Film

As the Academy Awards this Sunday reminded us, the movie industry is an Old Boys Club with a noticeable glass ceiling. Once again, no female directors were nominated. Which reflects the larger truth that there are only a handful of female directors working. Even fewer female heads of production. How about female studio owners? That… View Article


Hany Abu-Assad’s newest film, Omar (2013), is a hard-hitting and powerful feature film. His previous films, Paradise Now (feature film nominated for an Academy Award, 2005) and Ford Transit (faux documentary, 2002), are also about the hardships of the Occupation. All three of these films are Palestinian productions. Even though Abu-Assad lives in Holland, the film… View Article

The History of the Foreign Film Oscar: Keep Your Friends Close…

How is Japan different from all other countries in Asia? If you answered, it was the only one to invade the United States, that is correct! And if you answered, it has won more than one Academy Award in the Foreign Picture category, that is also correct! The Foreign Language Oscar was instituted in 1947, and… View Article

The First Films of the Three Greatest Indian Filmmakers

For first blog post for the inaugural year of i2f2, a film festival committed to encouraging first time filmmakers, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the first films of some of the first filmmakers of South Asia, the directors Bimal Roy, B.R. Chopra, and Satyajit Ray. Bimal Roy Bimal Roy was the… View Article

i2F2 Brings Cinema Conversation and Culture

The Chicago South Asian Arts Council (CSAAC), organizer of the 4-year running Chicago South Asian Film Festival, has announced the 2014 launch of I2F2- Next Generation Festival. The event will take place between May 29 and June 5 in Downtown Evanston and will showcase films from and by filmmakers from South Asia, the Middle East,… View Article

City of Evanston Hosts i2F2

City of Evanston will be hosting the first annual i2F2 – Next Generation Festival. Evanston is an educational and cultural hub 12 miles from downtown Chicago. Unparalleled connectivity, urban sophistication, natural serenity and entrepreneurial spirit come together in Evanston. Home to top ranking Northwestern University, a strong business community, thriving urban downtown, picture perfect neighborhoods and… View Article